XLX303 Updates!

After a long-ish hiatus from activity, we have been making a lot of changes to the Colorado Digital system and specifically, to XLX303. We have consolidated some systems, removed some older reflectors and bridges, and centered everything around XLX303.

The big change comes from upgrading the XLX reflector to v2.5.2. This allows for YSF linking directly to XLX303, which removes the need for our previous YSF reflectors 31083 and 31088 which ran on a separate cloud-based server. We encourage everyone to connect directly to XLX303 via YSF. If you are using a hotspot, it is pretty easy. The reflector number is 30300. Once you are connected, by default you are in Module D. You can then use WIRES-X commands from your radio through the hotspot (using WIRES-X passthrough in pi-star) to change modules. Or you can change modules by transmitting a different DG-ID. These are listed on the modules page of the dashboard.

In addition, we have added WIRES-X node links to modules A, B, C, D, E, and F, and AllStar node links to modules A, B, and C. And of course we have Brandmeister peer links to modules A through G.

Even though only modules A through G and named and bridged to multiple modes/systems, all modules A-Z are open for use. Every module handles native DMR, D-STAR, and YSF now.

Keep an eye on our homepage here at and the XLX303 dashboard for the latest configurations. And please jump on and use the system!

Stand by – we are sure to being doing some more experimentation and linking.