Digital Learning Net

Join KEØDC and WØSUN for the Digital Learning Net.
It’s held on the “DMR 31088 COLORADO-HD” or Reflector XLX303 Module D
Wednesdays at 7:00pm MDT .
The Digital Learning Net is usually about 1.5 hours.
Link to Digital Learning Net Web Page for all the details: –

DLN After Hours/ HD Happy Hour

Every Wednesday Night, right after the Digital Learning Net (around 8:45pm MDT), join us on “DMR 31088 COLORADO-HD” or Reflector XLX303 Module D and take advantage of the HD (Hotspot Discussion) Happy Hour /DLN After Hours. Bartender Bucky WØSUN and Chris KB2IDX will be serving up a 2-for-1 special on advice. Join us for casual but often in-depth digital discussion and conversation.
Don’t forget to ask about the Yaesu “DG-ID’s”!
Link to HD Happy Hour

Link to Audio for COLORADO-HD XLX303DTG 31088

“Let’s Talk Digital” Net

Join Bucky WØSUN and the Colorado Digital Team of N7VDR, WD0HDR, W1VAN, W0RMT, W0KPH and also KB2IDX and KF0LPT on Thursday Night at 7:00 PM Mountain Time on AMERICA-KC-WIDE Wires-X Room 28054, DMR BM Talkgroup 313136, XLX458, or Hotspot YSF 32453
We discuss Fusion, Wires-x, DMR, Hotspots, and more.

Link to Audio for America Kansas City Wide Net TG 313136

Colorado Severe Weather Net

The New Colorado Severe Weather Net is held through the week Monday through Saturday at 1:00pm MST, and on an as needed basis. Join Gary NC2WX on XLX303A: DMR BM TG31083, D-STAR XRF/DCS303A, YSF 30300 (switch to module A), WIRES-X 65045, AllStar 289800, and/or the Skyhub link system. See their net page.



#FediFridayWinlink net

For those operators active on the Fediverse (i.e., Mastodon), check out the FediFridayWinlink net! It’s a great way to practice using your Winlink station. The net webpage has been moved to W0RMT’s blog.

Colorado Amateur Radio Broadband Net

The Colorado Amateur Radio Broadband (CARBBN) net will be held on Colorado HD talkgroup on the 4th Monday of each month at 19:30 MST. Please join their net and see for more info.

Colorado Preparedness Net

The Colorado Preparedness Net is held on Colorado HD XLX303D (DMR BM TG31088, D-STAR XRF/DCS303D, YSF 30300, WIRES-X 43674) on the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month at 19:30 MST.

Ham Radio Venture Overland Net

The Ham Radio Venture Overland net will be held on Sundays at 0200z (1800PST/1900MST) on XLX303H, BM TG31665, WIRES-X 46720. See the Venture Overland website for more details.

The Old Colorado HD Net

The Colorado HD net ran from April 2018 to January 2022. We had a good run, but it was time to move on. This net is no longer operating.

You can find the list of past net check-ins here.

Recordings of past nets can be found here.

We encourage participation in the new Digital Learning Net, Wednesdays at 19:00 MST.

Other nets

We are happy to host other nets on the system! Please contact us if you would like to use any of our multiprotocol talkgroups for a net.

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