OpenGD77 Project

OpenGD77 is a very exciting and active DMR radio project. This project involves hacking the inexpensive Radioddity GD77 dual band DMR handheld and its associated customer programming software (CPS). The core group of developers who are working on OpenGD77 are Roger VK3KYY, Kai DG4KLU, Jason VK7ZJA, Alex DL4LEX, Daniel F1RMB, and Colin G4EML. Apparently the […]


Using the BrandMeister API

Here is my approach to using talkgroups and my AnyTone radio on BrandMeister, as well as using the BrandMeister SelfCare account to check the status of static and auto-static talkgroups right in the browser. There’s also some commands that can be used in any Linux Terminal, and they also should work in Windows Subsystem for […]