Hotspots for Hams

Amateur radio operators are notoriously thrifty. We will wait to purchase something until we get a 5% coupon, or haggle over shipping. It seems to be a characteristic common to most hams. But we are also generous. The same ham that haggled over $1 at the swap meet might also give you the shirt off their back if you need it. It is that generosity and kindness that we want to cultivate here at Colorado Digital.

Over the past two years that our system has been in existence, we have been lucky to be supported by some very generous hams. Some folks give their time to help build and maintain our digital systems. Others give money to help pay for monthly server costs or hardware purchases. And some hams have donated hardware for us to sell.

We are currently in possession of a number of donated hotspots that we would love to see put to use in good homes. To that end, we would like to donate hotspots to radio amateurs who have a need or desire to have one, but canโ€™t afford to buy one on their own. If you know of (or are) a licensed amateur radio operator who cannot afford a hotpsot, or you know of a new ham who is just getting into digital radio, we can help! We would love to set you up with a Pi-Star based hotspot and support to get on the air! We do not have any radios to provide at this time, but we have got hotspots covered.

Here is what we need you to do:

  1. Identify a ham in need or a new ham who is just getting into the hobby. We would love to donate to young hams
  2. Use this form to nominate the ham in need (self nominations are also acceptable).

Thanks for helping us to get more people on digital using hotspots! And please continue to be good ham neighbors to each other. We may be cheap, but we are kind ๐Ÿ™‚