For those operators who are active on federated social media (the “Fediverse”; i.e., Mastodon), there is a weekly Winlink net called the #FediFridayWinlinkNet (or #FFWN). Any amateur operators are welcome to check-in and participate, and also to take turns serving as net control.

The general procedure is to send a message on Friday between 0000Z-2359Z to the NCS with the following format:

To check in, send your #Winlink message between 0000Z-2359Z Friday

To: [NCS callsign]
Subject: FFWN
Message body line1: [callsign], [firstname], [city], [state/province/locale], [country], [mastodon username], [VHF/HF/APRS/Telnet]
Message body line2: [answer to a simple poll question determined by each week’s NCS]

#FFWN is great practice! Please encourage others to participate, and pls boost!

Please join us in using your Winlink station to practice and have fun!

Summaries from past #FFWN nets

Date# of check-ins# of countries representedPoll question and responses
22 Sept 2023174Do you use LoTW?
Yes (12), No (4), Abstain (1)

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